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CLA - the most important facts

CLA - the most important facts

linoleic acid linked to your waist

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CLA - the most important facts

About CLA lately quite noisy. People commonly interviewed for this matter, although no idea what it does, how it does, where it comes from and how much should be taken. This material is intended to clarify the most important of conjugated linoleic acid briefly. Happy reading!

General information on CLA

Cause of this type of preparation are studies done by Michael Parisi from the University of Madison-Uinskonsin on the carcinogenic effects of different fats.

In initial experiments on laboratory animals (mice and rats), placed on an experimental diet entirely with CLA, it was found after dissection them that there is a significant increase in muscle tissue and a decrease in fat.

This determined and their future commercial applications in the field of fitness and bodybuilding.

It was found that the application of CLA in doses of 0.1-1% of the daily diet of mice has a good anti-cancer effect in mammary tumors.

Later calculations and studies in humans showed that the amounts in these frameworks are highly inflated and effect was observed for intake of much smaller doses.

Until 5-6 years ago CLA mainly met by the trade names "Clarinol" of Loders & Croklaan (Holland) and "Tonalin" (USA), but today many companies manufacture them.

Its advertising today is very intense and besides the aforementioned effects talk and protective functions against prostate cancer and skin (including melanoma).

What actually represent preparations CLA (C18H32O2)?

These are triglycerides in which there are two isomers of speregnati dienes of linoleic acid. It is more important to know about these isomers - c-9, t-11 (cis-9, trans-11) and t-10, c-12 (trans-10, cis-12) that are present in a ratio 60%: 40% with each other.

In some companies the ratio is 50%: 50%, but that is what the patent producers.

In commercial products estestestveno, in triglyceride form, does not contains 100% CLA (often they are about 80% and less than 60% total fatty acids), and there are other fatty acids (mainly unsaturated), which are rather used as "fillers".

According to the statements of some companies is a natural product derived from safflower oil.

I personally am not convinced that they can obtain such levels of triglycerides in industrial scale from natural sources, and I think resorting to enzymatic synthesis - esterification of glycerol with a mixture of unsaturated fatty acids with predominance of CLA.

Natural sources of CLA

Mainly found in some oils, but we take it most often by the consumption of beef and veal from cow's milk, cheese and dairy products from ruminants.

There was proportional relationship between the feeding of those animals with cereals and the amount of CLA in milk, but in general they are marginal compared to the effective dose of 3.4 grams for an adult.

In their body CLA has received at structural change of LA (linoleic acid = linoleic acid).

Effect and dose of acid

A significant effect on reducing the body fat and increase in lean body tissue is achieved at doses of 3-4 g (depending on weight) CLA per day for 3-4 months, and must of course be combined with diet and physical exercise .

Some authors mention in small quantities, but at prolonged intake. The use of CLA in attenuation was done in order to reduce some side effects such as depression, irritability, skin problems, loss of hair and others.

For isomer c-9, t-11 is believed to be responsible for the increased insulin sensitivity, leading to an increase in active muscle mass, as well as anticancer effects of CLA.

Disputes and discussions CLA

In the years of study the effects of CLA was several disputes. Most notable, however, was in respect of CLA isomers t-10, c-12.

The question was how to be eliminated from the human body, as it is believed that it is unusual for him. Forthcoming future studies, and we will continue to follow with interest.

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